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The Safe Rooms

Where should I explore first?

Three rooms in Cawdor are heavily trafficked and generally safe for even the rankest beginner: the Foyer, the Runed Room, and the Stables. It's a good idea to explore these three rooms first, pick up a few experience points, and learn your way around the game.

Is there anything important to do in the Foyer?

The Foyer has one significant encounter. Three entries into the Runed Fountain will bother the Runemage enough so that your character will be taught the skill of Rune Reading. Subsequent entries are likely to be hazardous to your health. When you learn the Shield Spell you will be able to climb the stairs just east of the main entrance.

Why are there stables but no horses?

Braddock Smith inhabits the Stables. If you walk through the wall (it's a hidden swiveling door) into his smithy area, collect the right tools, and also have the right raw materials, he will make you something. Collecting a shrubbery, three horseshoes, and the right tools at the right time will eventually earn you a sharp grappling hook from him.

How do I read the writing on the wall?

Galatea has left you a series of messages obscured from her sisters in the Runed Room. Use of the Rune Reading skill will give you at least the first level of decryption on these messages. Decrypting her messages will give you important clues about the purpose of some items and the easiest way to defeat some of the nastiest things in Cawdor. If this is too much work, use Alcuin's Cap to decipher them. However, the Cap has limited charges, so use it wisely.

How do I go upstairs in Cawdor?

The stairwells in Cawdor are old and very narrow. In order to use them you must be by yourself. This holds true for all stairwells, both the main stair going up from the Foyer, and the stairs going down.

The Guild Rooms

Should a Knight go into the Thief's Room?

There are six guild rooms, one for each guild. In all the guild rooms when you complete the last of the six (usually by meeting Galatea) you will be taught the Shield spell, which is essential to gain the higher levels. There is no preferred order to the first floor guild rooms. However, the rewards for each character are generally highest in that character's guild's room, so there is some small benefit from completing that room first.

What kind of skulking goes on in the Skulkatorium?

If you assiduously use the thievish skills, you will eventually be able to map the entire room and meet Galatea. She rewards Thieves with the Reverie skill. Non-thieves receive a Binding Talisman. Talismans will help your combat abilities if you put them outside your character's feet. The Binding Talisman also has the skill of Binding, which can heal you or a comrade during combat.

What trophies can I win in the Trophy Room?

If your Ranger uses the Tracking skill to surprise the foes before they run away, without leaving this room, you will be rewarded. There are six main tracking areas. They are in the bottom right corner, the middle of the bottom wall, the southern part of the western wall heading diagonally northeast, the top left corner, the bottom of the middle room on the top, and the top left corner of the large room in the middle of the Trophy Room. Rangers who do so will receive the Binding skill. Non-Rangers who do so will receive a Trance Talisman.

What spells can I learn in the Thaumaturgium?

Go counterclockwise at every opportunity here. If you do, then Wizards can learn the Detect and Reverie skills here. Everyone else can pick up a good chunk of cash. And everyone can learn the Resist Spell here. When you get close to retracing your steps, use the newly earned Detect skill, or an item such as the Crystal Ball, to find the doors to complete the room.

Do I have to be chivalrous in the Chivalrous Room?

Knights who enter here will be taught the Deflect Magic skill. Anyone who completes this room will be taught the Teleport spell. There are numerous battles here. They can be fought in any order, except that the battle in the room in the bottom right corner must be fought last in order to receive the greatest rewards. And you will have an easier time of it in that room if you use a Lockpick or Skeleton Key Ring to open the door quietly.

Can I get through the Sanctum without being a cleric?

Clerics in this room will be taught the Hail spell. Clerics who complete this room and walk out will learn the Binding skill. Anyone who completes this room and meets Galatea will be taught the Heal spell. Meeting Galatea takes place in a room that runs perpendicular from the left wall about halfway up. The door to that room is in its south wall, and like the Chivalrous Room, this door can be opened quietly by any character using a lockpick. The fixed battles are in the upper right corner room, in the upper left area, in the lower right corner, in the two passages leading east and west in the bottom half of the center section, and in the corridor leading towards Galatea.

Is Uncivilization really uncivilized?

Barbarians who complete this room will learn the Stamina skill when they visit Galatea in the far upper right corner. The battles that must be fought to earn those rewards are along the top wall near the middle, in the center of the huge battleground directly in front of the entrance to the battleground, near the center but a little to the upper left, just up from the bottom a little left of center, in the bottom right room, and along the right wall near the top. All characters can earn Small Letters of Credit (Barbarians can't count high enough for larger letters of credit) if they meet up with Galatea.

Do you really expect a HERO to look for a doormat?

The quest for the Doormat is in Uncivilization. If you find the Doormat (in the upper left corner of the room) by using the Detect or some such skill or spell, and return it to the gnome Barbarian at the entrance, you will have made a friend for life. Not only will you get rewards here, but later on he will help you once again.

The Second Floor

What can I expect on the second floor?

Galatea begins by giving Thieves the Archery skill, Barbarians the Martial Arts skill, Clerics the Staff skill, Knights and Wizards the Bard skill, and Rangers the Furtiveness skill. You'll need these skills; things are much tougher up here.

How do I get through these doors?

Rooms on the stairs are always easily entered once you have completed the main task of the level. But most of the other rooms, at least on the next two floors, require a combination of characters for initial entry. Each room's name gives the hint as to which guilds are needed. Wizards are M(ages) or W, Barbarians are B, Rangers R, etc.

Why should an art-hater explore the Gallery?

Fleance's ghost resides here (undead can't be said to live) but to face him you must either proceed north into the Pantry, or west into the Brewery. Fleance will be the toughest monster you have faced so far, and he will be even tougher if you do not move very quietly and use an adequately high Tracking skill. If you kill him you will receive the Crown of Crimson, which will be very useful soon. You will also be able to climb the stairs up to the next level.

If I'm not hungry, why should I explore the Pantry?

The Pantry is filled with foodstuffs. There are many vicious battles here. If you defeat the seven fixed foes in one session, you will earn the Crack of Doom. The Crack of Doom is tremendously useful, against Fleance, and well worth the effort. A well-hidden locked and secret door on the south wall some three squares to the west of the obvious door will lead you into Fleance's lair. Be ready to rumble if you go there!

What awaits me in the Lesser Hall?

The Lesser Hall is ruled by a Vampire Lord. He is the second toughest monster on this level (behind only Fleance) and resides on the altar in the center of the major hall. His minions are mostly undead. Many useful magic items can be earned here. If you cannot survive in the Lesser Hall, then you may not be ready to climb upstairs, whether or not you can defeat Fleance.

Can a minor even enter the Brewery?

In order to defeat all the monsters in the Brewery, you must first learn how to enter the Raging Boar Inn, one of the pubs that can be found inside Cawdor Keep. In order to enter the Raging Boar Inn you must first find the tracks that show you where the secret door is. The top leftmost vat can be entered from the east if you track something up to it and then use an adequately powerful Detect skill, True Seeing spell, or some item that grants either of those two. The left wall, top to bottom, conceals the Raging Boar Inn.

Is the Milk of Human Kindness good for a lactose deficient person?

In the Raging Boar Inn, in the southernmost room, is a fellow who will swap the Milk of Human Kindness for a Great Letter of Credit. The Milk is the second most potent healing item in the game, healing not only yourself but also all your companions if used during battle. It's an added effort to get back here with the Great Letter of Credit, but it may well save your life later on.

The Third Floor

What happens after I defeat Fleance's Ghost?

Galatea rewards Wizards and Thieves with the Deflect Magic skill, Barbarians with the Binding skill, Clerics with the Deep Trance skill, and Knights and Rangers with the Athletics skill. Everyone who has both learned the Rune Reading skill and fully explored the Runed Room will be given a large experience point reward as well. Everyone who has not done so will learn the Blast spell. You will not be able to ascend to higher levels until you have defeated Malcolm's Ghost, either by yourself or in a party.

I don't dance; why should I explore the Ballroom?

The Ballroom is filled with a large central area for dancing, and many private rooms, boxes, or alcoves surrounding it. There are seven main battles in the Ballroom. If you successfully conclude all seven without dying or being forced to leave, and then enter the site of any of the seven a second time, Galatea can return to you once more. If she comes back she will heal you and give you both an experience point reward and Mannanan Mac Lir's ring, a boon which will prove useful in the Library.

Can a tone deaf find happiness in the Music Room?

Malcolm's ghost is found behind a locked door on the upper right side of the large central room. If the party leader has the Crown of Crimson when you rush through that locked door you will have a much easier time defeating Malcolm's ghost. If you defeat him, you will find the Orange Banner very useful against Banquo's Ghost.

What's with Mannanan Mac Lir's Riddle?

The second major battle in the Music Room is to the north through the door that mirrors Malcolm's on the upper left side of the large central room. If you have an adequate Tracking skill, and use it just through those doors, you will find that battle much easier to survive. If you survive that battle, in the corner at the end of this room you can encounter Mannanan Mac Lir, the Celtic god of the sea. He is willing to assist you only if you can prove your mettle by solving his riddle. The riddle is solved in the Library.

Why should I explore the Cloak Room?

As you would expect of a thievish room, there are secret doors, locked doors, and locked secret doors. As you might not expect, these doors are just a tad tougher, and you may find your wooden lockpick inadequate to the task of getting them open. The main thievish hangout is in the pub, ‘The Cat Dragged Inn.' The back room of the Inn is where the top Thieves are meeting.

What's with those Master Thieves?

You don't have to fight the Master Thieves. You can win the game quite easily without fighting them, and no future puzzles depend on anything you earn in the Cloak Room. However, if you want to finish every quest in Cawdor, be sure to move quietly and track frequently, because there are many ambushes here. If you do successfully defeat all the Thieves, and manage to enter their well warded closet, you will earn Lugh's Spear.

Why should an illiterate explore the Library?

The quest in the Library is the redemption of Mannanan Mac Lir's ring. His message told you to start at the place where his message is, which is to say, the place where his library entry can be found. This is in the second room from the top, third room from the right. Replace O with North, C with South, N with West, and W with East, and follow his suggested path to summon him.

What's special about Mannanan's Ring?

Once you have the Ring, then face north or east (away from the wall) and use it by right clicking on it. This will summon Mannanan Mac Lir, who will give you Ohthere's Dagger. Later on, you will be able to equip Ohthere's Dagger to survive the Dissolving Pool in the Kitchen by giving you the ability to walk on water.

The Fourth Floor

What should I expect when I finish the third floor?

When you first enter the Chambers, Galatea rewards you. Barbarians and Thieves are taught the Furtiveness skill. Wizards and Clerics are taught the Intimidate skill. Rangers are taught the Detect skill. Knights are taught the Stamina skill. Everyone is given Ethelbald's Buckler.

Why should I map the labyrinth in the Chambers?

The main portion of the Chambers is the Minotaur's Labyrinth, the central area filled with bulls and secret doors. You enter the Labyrinth from the south west corner, going north through the secret door. To complete the Labyrinth from that room, keeping in mind that many of these doors are secret, you will want to go east, east, north, east, east, north, west, north, north, west, west, west, south, east, east, and south.

How can I learn Death Darts?

If you complete the butchery (sorry) by defeating all the monsters in the Labyrinth, then Galatea will teach you the Death Darts spell.

Do I really need Ohthere's Dagger?

If you complete all the battles in the Chambers, which should be more difficult and time consuming than any other room's battles, and if you do not have Ohthere's Dagger, then Galatea will give you Ohthere's Dagger. This allows players who prefer combat to puzzles to still continue towards completion of the game.

I can't stand the heat. Should I avoid the Kitchen?

The critical quest in the Kitchen is passage through the Dissolving Pool in the upper left corner. If you have Ohthere's Dagger equipped (not merely possessed) you will walk atop the waters of the pool. If you don't, you'd better be really really buff.

What could possibly be important in the Cabinet?

The purpose of the Cabinet is to find and defeat Banquo's Ghost by passing through the Dissolving Pool in the Kitchen. If you d o defeat Banquo's Ghost (lots of luck winning if you don't!) keep the Cup of Drowning. You'll need it against Macduff.

Won't Alcuin want his sticks back?

You can find Alcuin's Sticks in the second room from the top third from the left if you face north and use a high enough Detect skill. Unfortunately, you may need Alcuin's sticks to find Alcuin's Sticks! There are many battles here with some good stuff to be earned. But aside from the battle with Banquo, these are all optional.

Will my hay fever act up in the Conservatory?

To get a grappling hook, you will need a Shrubbery, three horseshoes, and tools, all given to Braddock at the right time and in the right combination. The other items are all in the Stables, but the Shrubbery is found here. Proceed to the far upper left room and apply the Handsaw (obtained in the Stables) to the intoxicating and highly dangerous plants along the upper wall. This room is highly poisonous and very dangerous, so you must also be tough enough to survive this little expedition.

The Fifth Floor

Hey! I defeated Banquo! What's next?

There are no more rooms that require you to form a special party to enter. The first time you enter here, Galatea heals all your wounds. Immediately thereafter, Macduff's Ghost will attack you.

Does Mighty Macduff hang out in the Great Hall?

The main battle of the Great Hall is against Macduff's Ghost. He is found in the room to the right of the stairwell. He is much easier to defeat if your party leader has the Cup of Drowning. Q: I already know my horoscope. Why should I explore Astrologia? A: In Astrologia you will learn that collecting the three items with Aldhelm's name on them will help you a lot in the last two rooms of Cawdor:

the Bestiary and the Crypt. Similarly, collecting all three Alcuin items and all three Alfred items will help.

I'm afraid of heights. Should I explore the Parapets?

Every town has its sections that it's wise to avoid. In Cawdor, that section is the Parapets. There are some monsters living up here that can be as tough as the Weird Sisters themselves! None of these battles are essential to completing the game.

What do I need to escape the Nasty Little Maze?

If you don't have a Sharp Grappling Hook, don't bother coming into the Nasty Little Maze. If you have one, then map this place carefully, testing for the swiveling walls. They will save you time, eventually allowing egress upstairs from the Ruined Room.

The Sixth Floor

What should I expect after I climb out of the Maze?

The sixth floor rooms are horribly dangerous, with high chances of random monsters and very tough fixed battles. The Ruined Room is paired with the Nasty Little Maze in a two map puzzle, as is the Aerie and Alchemia. But to win the game, the only thing you need to do on this floor is defeat Macbeth's Ghost.

Is there really anything worth finding in this ruined room?

Except for some very tough battles, especially in the drunk tank along the north wall, and the three dimensional maze it forms with the room below, the Ruined Room can be ignored.

Except for vorpal dust bunnies, what's in the Attic?

If you have Blueberry Brew, Elderberry Elixir, or Woad Wine, you can exchange it for a Milk of Human Kindness in the second row from the bottom third square from the left. It won't hurt to have that, especially if you haven't fought Macbeth yet. But be careful; some muggers are keeping an eye on people who walk away with the Milk and you might find yourself having to fight off dairy addicts.

I flunked chemistry. Should I take a refresher course in Alchemia?

It's not the humor that's toxic here (okay, it's not JUST the humor that's toxic here) but if you want to face Macbeth you must go through here. To face Macbeth you will need to go west into the Aerie from one of the passages on the south end of the west wall. The first time through won't work. Pick the same passage a second time, though, and you should proceed.

So if Cawdor's based on Macbeth, where the heck is he?

Cawdor's Aerie is a simple roost which in days past the falconers kept their charges. But in these evil days the falcons and hawks have been eaten by the dragons and harpies. There are many windows in the Aerie. Try not to fall out. Except for Macbeth's lair in the southeast corner, the Aerie is unessential.

Can one who was of woman born defeat Macbeth in Cawdor?

All approaches to his lair are guarded, at least so long as Macbeth lives to rally his troops. If you defeat Macbeth's Ghost you will receive the Healing Locket and the Leaden Dagger. Galatea will make sure that you have them when you walk out if you did something foolish with them rlier.

End of Game

I killed Macbeth! Is the game over?

There are two rooms in the endgame: the Bestiary and the Crypt. Both are below ground, accessed via the locked door at the east end of the Runed Room. When you defeated Macbeth, the Weird Sisters holed up down below, but Galatea left the door ever so slightly ajar for you.

Are there any powers of good that will aid me in my quest?

Throughout the endgame, there are paths that are shortened if your party leader has all of the Alcuin items, or all of the Aldhelm or Alfred items. All these items can be earned in the Bestiary, so be aware that they may save your life.

Should a party animal enter the Bestiary?

The Bestiary is the first room in Cawdor you've entered that has been below ground. It's dark down here! So buy a Lantern before you get eaten in the dark by something that sees better than you do. Whether you follow the safe or the dangerous path, you will eventually reach the same door south.

Why is there a zoo without a zookeeper?

The zoo area of the Bestiary is filled with critters. Except on Lady Macbeth's path, all doors lead into battle with the monster you see when you face that door. Some of these battles are deadlier than others, but all have excellent booty.

I'm no feminist; should I worry about hedgepigs?

Hedgepigs can paralyze and kill you. The best solution is to travel in a party of two or more and put someone with a Healing Locket and the Resist spell in back. When the first paralysis wears off, that character can cast Resist, which prevents paralysis, and other defensive spells. The Healing Locket can keep everyone alive, even if they had been paralyzed.

What do I have to do to defeat Lady Macbeth?

From the first door, if you walk south eight squares and east one square, you can begin the path to Lady Macbeth. Supernatural aid may place you there. From here, you must find the path that leads you thrice into combat with Brinded Cats, thrice and once into combat with Hedgepigs, and then into battle with a Harpy. The first step you should take is west.

Do you have any crypt notes for me?

If your party leader has the correct three supernatural items, then the Crypt is just a few steps to the final battle. If not, searching the north walls on all rows where you would head east will find secret doors that will save you lots of time. You might consider changing party leaders. The first teleport depends on Alcuin, the next Alfred, and the next dhelm.

Why am I nervous about the top row in the Crypt?

On the top row, a level twelve Tracking skill will find some tracks.

Continue Tracking each step to the west. You are now in front of a door. Be sure to Track once more, if you have that skill at level 12. If you are Tracking, then you will have a much easier time with the Weird Sisters. If your party leader has the Healing Locket, you will also have a much easier time of things. Only McStudburgers will choose to go through this door with neither tracking nor the Healing Locket. Only True McStudburgers will survive.

I killed the Sisters! Where is my reward?

Proceed west. In the last room you are given your reward. On the desk to the north is a book. Anyone with any Detect skill or True Seeing spell can read it. Your name is inscribed in the Hall of Heroes! You walk out of the dungeon to clamorous applause!

I won! Now what?

You can now usher any other characters through every non-narrow passage in Cawdor, assuming that you're that kind of helpful hero! Many of the more annoying doors in Cawdor that used to require Lockpicks or Detecting will now open to a true Hero such as yourself, making it easy for you to lead other characters around Cawdor, and you can always enjoy Challenge Combat with this heroic character. But you may have more fun by creating a new character of a different guild and starting over again to see the guild specific things that this character missed.
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